Judge Bone (aka Tuomari Nurmio)


Judge Bone with Doc Hill: Big Bear's Gate

Release Date 2008
BONE-0082, BONE-0081

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01. Big Bear's Gate
02. You Hate Me And My Stetson Hat
03. Do The Hoodang
04. Down To The Cold Cold Ground
05. Bonnie George Campbell
06. Ramona
07. Seventeen And In Misery
08. Buffalo's Bone
09. 15.000 Heads
10. Fare Thee Well
11. Train, Train, Train
12. Say You Love Me Baby
13. I Let The Angels Do The Dreaming

Fierce rockin' and mean ol' shaman-blues from the deep, Deep North. Strange boogie-scratching guitar, a dark raspy voice, footstomps keepin' some strange sort of time, the fast songs feature the crunch-funk drumming of the honorable Doc Hill. This album echoes from a wholly different point on the space-time continuum.