You/Me is a band formed by the visual artist and musician Marjatta Oja (voc/gtr) and musician Asko Keränen (electronix/voc).
Asko (of 22-Pistepirkko) and Marjatta play gentle ambient neo-psychedelic electronica pop, based on the Roland Groovebox and spangled with streaks of Fender Duo Sonic guitar, both singing.

During their live sets, they add often the expertise and footage collages VJs, eg. of english experimental film artist Oliver Whitehead. The images and sounds either contradict each other or create an expanded feeling of synchronization.

You/Me consider themselves as a freely floating experimental group embracing sound, singing, voice, live-video projection with moving and still images. Orientated towards performance arts, they have mainly performed in art galleries and at special places in Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen. They haven't recorded an album yet, but they made available a 4-track  EP with early recordings, "Says Vol1" (see Boneshop for CDR or MP3)


Marjatta Oja
Oliver Whitehead