Anssi 8000 & Maria Stereo

> NEWS > Anssi 8000 & Maria Stereo are preparing for a new album. They are ending their musical hiatus, which was heavily filled with successful family and art matters (eg. Fennica prize for Anssi Kasitonni, international exhibitions and film screenings, art DVD and book releases) Now, one of the first things they did, while dusting off their instruments. They got a new band name: STEREO 8000. The former was a bit long and difficult to handle. Moreover Anssi said: "I wanted to give Maria a bigger role in the music and that´s why I also want that she appears first in our name.

New Album, the sellftitled: Stereo 8000", will be out in Finland Feb. 21st 2014.
First Tourdates beginning March 2014 are in preperation

first teaser at soundcloud:

> More about Anssi 8000 & Maria Stereo:

Married couple playing and singing rockmusic out of a wood cabin in the village of Sahalahti, Finland. If they don't do music they do art - paintings, sculptures, animated films. Or they would drive their tractor and help the far away neighbours with the chopped wood. back to music: Although they have a good beat going, what theirs is far from being a soundtrack for the yearly midsummer village dance. Instead their debut consists of 12 turbo diamonds, all veritable underground hits.

Anssi has a distinctive voice, a semi-acoustic guitar and two drums (kicksnare and kickbass, both played with selfmade pedals). As a one man orchestra he made a hell of a racket, that resembled rock'n'roll greats from Elvis to The Misfits and Nirvana, but sounded completely original and different. (Just check his debut "Kyklops vs. Svesse", Bone Voyage DoubleCD) Maria his wife already put some cream on top on Kyklops vs. Svesse backing on some songs with vocals, keyboards, maracas, cymbal and other things. But on the new album they found a new balance which boosts the couple's music to new horizons with strong songs and heartfelt fresh vocals. Did I mentioned the 4-to-the-floor-cowbells?

Maybe the rural environment has something to do with the timeless qualities in their music. You don't bother with the current hipster trends when you live in the woods. The duo writes basically simple and short rock tunes, but their sense of melody and dynamics are classic. Compared to the contemporary power rock sound or the alternately plaintive indie folk, Anssi and Maria are a breath of fresh air. They sound like actual human beings making music together. That's it.

In Finland Anssi 8000 (aka Anssi Kasitonni) is also a rather well known visual artist and a filmmaker. His short films that combine animation and live action have melted the hearts of audiences and critics alike. In 2011 Anssi Kasitonni was awarded for his work with Finland's most prestigous Ars Fennica. These other artworks by Anssi 8000 share the sincere excitement and the extraordinary combination of playfulness and serious thinking with his music.
His debut-double-album Kyklops vs Svesse was released in 2007 on Bone Voyage as well.

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